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Sponsored Streams

See a list of Live Streams that Nom Entertainment sponsors. We promote and encourage any way we can to live streamers that we either sponsor on youtube or their Patreon.

Welcome to Nom Entertainment!

Nom Entertainment company that focuses on development, gaming, live streaming, sponsoring, and promoting. The community involves multiple streamers, moderators and members. Everyone collaborates streams with each other and everyone helps promote each other. The community resides on Discord along with all of Nom's development information on upcoming games. When Nom isn't streaming or helping other streamers, we're developing PC Games. Be sure to check out all the information on the website, we also have a Patreon page where members can contribute to help us pursue our goals as a company. As you contribute to Nom, we contribute to other streamers we sponsor.

Live Streams

See a list of all streamers supported or sponsored by Nom. We promote streamers on our Discord as they go live and Sponsor them through Youtube or Patreon.

Patreon & Contributing

It is not required, but donations and contributions are appreciated and welcome. It helps us continue to stream the latest content and sponsor others.

PC Game Development

The Space Clicker Conquest Demo is on its way! After a long development process, S.C.C. will soon be on greenlight as a free to play game.